What Sets Us Apart

Our Mission

At Tooth Squad Pediatric Dentistry, Our Mission is to cultivate a generation of children who are motivated to take pride in their oral health and are fearless about managing it.

We aim to extinguish dental anxiety. We do this by introducing a positive experience catered to each child’s developmental stage. This is reinforced by building a dynamic bond between our team, our patients, and their families, over years of outstanding dental care and service!

We’re Serious About Growing Healthy Smiles – and Just as Serious About Having Fun!

Ours is a welcoming and kid-friendly dental office, filled with laughter and warmth.

  • While Dr. Bradley and our team are serious about helping each child grow up with a bright, happy, and healthy smile, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are so happy to work in a positive and fun environment, where we have the time to get to know each little one and become their friends!
  • Our strength comes from working together as a team and as partners of the families who entrust their children to us. We listen to each parent’s concerns, and to their child, and place an emphasis on timeliness, mutual respect, integrity, and education that is both fun and easy to understand.
  • We are proud of our new, state-of-the-art practice. Everything about our office is designed to entertain and encourage children to have fun; even the education we offer is interesting and rewarding! From free drinks in our reception area to letting each child choose the movie they want to watch during their visit, we cater to kids!
  • We take our time with each child and design every visit around them and their stage of physical, emotional, and mental development. With everyday language, and a Show-Tell-Do approach, we help children feel secure in a new environment. This is especially important for little ones with special needs and those who are anxious or fearful. By treating every child with respect, compassion, and patience – and working hard to set them at ease – we earn their trust!

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Tooth Squad Pediatric Dentistry, in Centerton, serves toddlers, children, and teens from Northwest Arkansas, including Bentonville and Belle Vista.

All of us are excited to welcome your young family members to our smile care family. We’d be honored to be your partners, helping your children grow up with bright and healthy smiles – and excited to maintain their oral health, for a lifetime!

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